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Bangkok, Thailand

Nutthapat Pongtanyavichai (Leo)

Technologies and Languages

- Preferred Stack: TypeScript, TailwindCSS, SvelteKit, React, Next.js


  • Assumption College (Middle School), Gifted, 2016-2019 (GPAX 3.88)
  • Triam Udom Suksa School (High School), Science Math, 2019-2022 (GPAX 3.95)
  • Chulalongkorn University, B.Eng. Computer Engineering, 2022-Present

Awards & Activities

  • 1st Prize in SIC (2019), Samsung Innovation Campus (2019) is a 10-day camp learning about programming. IDEATHON is held at the end of the camp to let students apply their knowledge.
  • Silver Medal & Determination Award in TOI17 (2022), 17th Thailand Olympiad in Informatics is a competition where around 90 students from each center solve algorithmic puzzle. Winning medal award in this competition open chance for students to be accepted by every university including Chulalongkorn.
  • 2nd Place in NITAD Hackathon (2022), A Hackathon focusing on idea for innovations that solve the garbage problems in low-income community.
  • 6th Stupid Hackathon in Thailand (2022), Most Aesthetically Pleasing Award winner, A Hackathon where you do anything you want without caring about anything. The awards are decided by voting
  • IPST Camp 2.2 (2022), IOI Training Camp to find representative of Thailand, made into the final selection round of 9 people
  • APIO 2022 Participant, IOI-Format contest but for Asia-Pacific, featuring very hard algorithmic problems
  • Code in the Wind (2022) Participant, Game Show for TailwindCSS users in Thailand


Image for Jump Bootcamp | Technology and Innovative Entrepreneurship
Image for Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

Work Experience

Software Engineer (Frontend, Part Time)
September 2022 - September 2023
  • Fixing bugs and implement new feature for storefront
  • Maintain frontend codebase, improve code quality and DX
Full Stack Developer (Internship)
June 2022 - August 2022
  • Maintain and its CMS with Next.js, TailwindCSS and GraphQL
  • Maintain GraphQL API that will be consumed by Frontend, used Prisma and NestJS

Open Source Contribution


  • Food Busters - A team formed for AIS JUMP Thailand Hackathon. My role was the lead developer. My work includes building a sized app to be the prototype for our idea with Flutter, Building websites to list their Prototype, Website, and API for running the Image Classification Model, and Firebase CRUD App for storing and showing awesome quotes
  • Crack 'n' Code - Setting up servers (DigitalOcean Droplet) and CMS ( to hold a programming contest with over 150 registered contestants. I also created the website for this contest
  • RTX 2090 TiFy - RTX 2090 Ti Meme maker (Video generator), GUI C++ Program with wxWidgets and OpenCV
  • Anime Captcha - Full-Stack web minigame written in SvelteKit inspired by Anime Captcha Meme. Feel free to try it:
  • Daydream Cafe - Monorepo for all my website under, website you may be seeing right now.
  • You are a Failure! - My first UWP Desktop C# App to fire up your motivation. Published to Microsoft Store
  • Golden Frame - Golden Frame "กรอบทอง" Generator. CLI App written in Python with OpenCV. My first package on PyPI
  • Simple RLC Calculator - Simple RLC Calculator (AC Circuit) with Visualization & GUI. Have used this during mid-term exam, Made with pygame
  • Mini Vector Calculator - My First ever project, CLI program written in C as my school project. Do what its name says
  • Terminal Video Player - Video player in terminal driven by ASCII Characters. Built with OpenCV and some audio libraries
  • Cocoa Discord Utils - A npm library I created to simplify creating complex discord bots with many slash commands, is used in all my discord bots
  • Salim Bot - My First Ever Discord Bot, useless but fun to play with! Currently *active* in my friend's server
  • Cocoa Grader - A Discord Bot that will grade your code just like normal grader. Using cocoa-discord-utils
  • Music Bot - An npm library that ships a Discord Music Bot that can stream and send some amazing embeds
  • Waifu Bot - Most advanced (or over-engineered?) discord bot. Capable of doing miscellaneous things with Discord API like embeds. Can stream musics and also feature a full-stack web application (Next, Nest, GraphQL) for users to configure their personal playlist


  • Areas: RGB, Mechanical Keyboard, Anime, Dual Monitor Desk Setup, Windows Insider
  • Typing: 80-100 WPM (English) 40-50 WPM (Thai)
  • Games: Any game that can be played with friends happily, rythm game sometimes